Understand travel insurance on every credit card

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Ways to use Credit Card Navigator in your business

Sales support tool for your client calls or walk-in discussions
Educational tool to drive higher travel insurance sales
Combination of our tool with pre-tip alerts sent to clients
Opportunity to embed sales calls-for-action into newsletters

What others say about our tool:

“Many of our clients assume they are covered on their credit card, but they’re not. Using Credit Card Navigator, our travel advisors are able to correct this false assumption and ensure proper coverage. Our most skilled insurance sellers start the insurance sales process by checking their card coverage.”

Richard Vanderlubbe
President, Trip Central

“I was very impressed with the tool when I had an opportunity to use it – it gave me the information for my own credit card.”

Travel agent,
Travel Professionals International

“I do think this is an amazing tool to use. I’ve always wanted to ‘magnify the fine print’ to make it actually readable.”

Travel agent,
The Travel Agent Next Door

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  • Drive higher travel insurance sales
  • Ensure that your customers are properly protected during their trip
  • Access to the largest database of credit card travel protection features
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